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Gene & Luci Davis, Founders of the Davis Rally

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The DAVIS MOTORCYCLE RALLY is a weekend of family-oriented fun and activity in New Hampton, Iowa which is always held on the weekend immediately following Labor Day.  This motorcycle rally is somewhat unique in that it has been operated solely by the Davis Family for the past 36 years.  It was started in 1978 by Gene and Luci Davis who became interested in motorcycling shortly prior to their retirement.  Having attended numerous rallies around the country and putting thousands of miles on their touring bike, they felt they knew what would make a good and enjoyable rally for the upper Midwest, with an emphasis on family and friends.  This has shown to be true, as 2014 marked the Thirty-Sixth Anniversary of The Davis Motorcycle Rally. The Davis Rally is not focused on any one make of motorcycle; all are welcome. Gene and Luci were adamant about this.  They believed deeply in the relationships built by fellow riders, with little emphasis around the brand of bike one rides and more on the people aspect.  On that front, Gene and Luci made a history of giving back to the community of New Hampton as part of the Davis Rally.  A portion of the event’s proceeds have gone to support several organizations over the years.  Most notably, the local Boy Scouts troop and the New Hampton Parks have received several donations over the years to make improvements right in the main park where the Rally takes place each year.  For the past 10 years now, Dad (Gordie, Sr) and his wife Elaine have been at the helm and experienced firsthand the pride and joy of carrying on this great family tradition.  We are grateful to them for their stewardship and care of the Davis Rally, bringing together our expanded family and many friends, new and old, over the past 10 years. 

   This year marks another significant milestone for the Davis Motorcycle Rally.  It’s not a milestone anniversary year in the traditional sense; rather, it marks the passing along of the operations of the Davis Rally from Dad and Elaine to the next generation of Davis’.  We’re taking over the reins this year, and are excited about the challenges associated with this responsibility and the possibilities ahead as we carry on a Davis Family tradition that spans almost four decades.  We appreciate the opportunity they have given us in handing down this family legacy.  We hope to be able to continue this tradition in the spirit with which Grandma & Grandpa founded the Rally, while looking toward the future.

     Whether a veteran Davis Rally attendee or a newcomer in 2015, you can expect to see lots of exciting things including a host of new games, competitions and prizes, more great live music, newly created self-guided scenic tours of the local area, the local favorite Night Light Parade on Saturday evening, lots of great food, a wide array of vendors, a special photo op staging area for capturing special moments with a friend or large group gathering, and the list goes on and on.  Also, several lucky people will win cash during our grand prize drawings to be held on Saturday night during the Davis Rally wrap-up.

   Having had the good fortune of ‘growing up’ at the Davis Rally (Grandma and Grandpa started it when we were very young boys), we can attest to the great experience attending it brings.  We’ve made many ‘Rally Friends’ over the years who we look forward to seeing, welcoming back, and catching up with each year.  While we all seem to get a little older each time we see each other again, the big smiles, warm hugs, and good times shared never get old.  If you haven’t had the chance to experience this unique family-focused event, we encourage you to grab a few friends, get on your bike, and take a ride with ‘a couple thousand close friends’ this September in northeastern Iowa.  If you’re a returning biker, you’ll see much more this year and we look forward to welcoming you back.  Melanie, Amanda, and the rest of the Davis family hope you’ll join us here in New Hampton this September.


Best Wishes,

Dan & Gordon Davis

The Davis Family, 2014