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The Davis Motorcycle Rally always has an impressive "Vendor Village", with a huge assortment of merchandise.  Our rally is NOT "Bike Specific", rather it is for any make of motorcycle, so there is a wide range of interests to satisfy.  The Davis Rally is held annually in beautiful Northeast Iowa.  We consistently have several thousand attendees at our rally.

We encourage vendors handling motorcycle products & accessories, tires, chrome, electronics, intercoms, helmets, motorcycle services and care & maintenance items.  We like to have vendors specializing in camper and cargo trailers for the cycling community.  We encourage leather vendors, to provide a wide range of beautiful coats, hats, jackets, chaps, vests, purses, etc.  Perhaps one of the major highlights in our Vendor Village has been the Pin-Stripers and Air-Brush Artists. They have all been exceptionally talented people and their work is admired by all and can be seen on hundreds of motorcycles and trailers. There is always plenty of work to be done, so if you are one of these artistic people, you ought to consider adding the Davis Rally to your schedule.

We also like to have vendors who specialize in beautiful jewelry, gift items, sunglasses, hats, clothing, boots & shoes, collectibles and more.  We encourage seamstresses who are talented in providing for the unique sewing needs of the biking community, such as sewing and repairs on various fabrics, as well as leather. (sewing patches on leather vests, etc)  We also encourage engravers and embroiderers who provide specialized services to the cycling community attending the Rally.  In the past few years our attendees have shown strong interest in photographers and tattoo artists.

This is just a brief description of the wide range of vendor products and services that have been very successful at the Davis Motorcycle Rally.  If you don't see your product line mentioned in the above paragraphs, not to worry, there probably isn't a "wrong" product line.

If you are a vendor interested in adding the Davis Motorcycle Rally to your event schedule:

 Call Dan at 847-828-2827

 Email us at

 Our vendor mailing goes out by mid-March each year

 If you would like to receive our Vendor Packet, send us an email with the following key pieces of information:

 Business Name

 Name of Owner(s)

 Mailing Address

 Phone Number

 Product Line (for multi-product lines, summarize, such as categories)

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